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This ring is a member of Webring.org, the clearinghouse for webrings throughout the web and throughout the world. Webrings are a useful and free way to link and promote web sites with similar content. When a visitor sees the HB logo on a site, he or she can then choose to browse similar sites (see the box at the bottom of this page for an example).

About the Historic Biography Web Ring

We are new but plan to grow! Interest in biography is growing. This ring is for sites that are about famous or not-so-famous but notable people throughout history. Scientists, authors, artists, entertainers, political or military leaders, activists, inventors...you get the idea. The sites may be dedicated to a complete biography of an individual, or may focus on an aspect of that person's life or work. For example, you might have a site dedicated to John F. Kennedy's presidency, or perhaps Jane Addams' work at Hull House. The site must present educational content. This is not a webring for current celebrity biographies, nor geneology or family history sites. There are many excellent webrings available for those.

How to Join

I welcome you to submit your biography site. It's easy and free to be a member of a webring! Submit your site information on the join page. This information will be sent to me. You will receive an automated email with HTML for you to add to your page. Please add this as soon as you receive it. The HTML will produce the HB box (see bottom of this page). Please keep all the coding the same as when you receive it. I will then visit your page, make sure your content is in keeping with the nature of this webring, make sure the HTML you added is working properly, and if your site meets these two criteria, then I will add you to the ring and send you an email to confirm. Now you're a part of the Historic Biography web ring!

For More Information

If you have questions about webrings, please see the Webring.org site. They explain the process of joining a webring very well. Please contact me if you have questions about this ring. Thank you for visiting!

Webring.org makes this webring possible.

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This Historic Biography site owned by Mary Ann Hainthaler.
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