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List updated August 20, 2002

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Included here are active members of the Gilbreth Network. The information is listed as follows:

Name, Title/Affiliation, E-Mail, Area of Interest in the Gilbreths

After the member list, there is a list of organizations of interest to Gilbreth researchers and their contact information.

Behrooz Asgari

  • Ph.D. candidate, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Interest: All aspects of Gilbreths' work

Tibebe Belachew

  • Engineering/industrial consultant; also, graduate student in industrial engineering at Addis Abeba University, Ethiopia.
  • Interests: Motion study, ergonomivs, and industrial safety

Linda Brenner

  • Safety Representative, Saturn automobile plant, Spring Hill, Tenn.
  • Interested in the Gilbreth management philosophy.

Elspeth Brown

  • Assoc. Prof. History -- University of Toronto
  • Interested in use of photography and film through 1924.

Dr. Jerry Davis

  • Research Assistant Professor -- Auburn University
  • Teaches Work Measurement

Dr. Patrick G. Dempsey

  • Researcher, Liberty Mutual Research Center for Safety and Health
  • Interest: Motion Study, fatigue, adapting work areas to humans--from current research. Writing article/book.

Michael De Blasio

  • Contractor
  • Interest: Gilbreth Construction and the Gilbreths' early, construction-related books.

Gerrit De Vrü

  • Engineering trainer/consultant with KPMG Consulting in the Netherlands. Secretary of the Dutch Council of Work-Factor.
  • devrü

Amelia Dickens

Susan Englander

  • UCLA
  • Interest: Lillian M. Gilbreth with emphasis on psychology. Current research; writing thesis.

David S. Ferguson

  • CSP, Network Coordinator
  • Interest: All aspects, current research, writing a book.

Rebecca Fry

  • Communications and Development Coordinator, School of Industrial Engineering, Purdue University
  • Interest: Liaison between the Gilbreth Network and Purdue School of Industrial Engineering.

Gabe Giella

  • Recent Graduate, Longmeadow High, Longmeadow, MA
  • Interested in applying what Gilbreths have taught him, to his career.

Steve Gilbreth

Ben B. Graham

  • President, The Ben Graham Corp
  • His company teaches "work simplification" based on the work of the Gilbreths.

Edward Graham

  • Project manager, U. S. Air Force
  • Interest: analyzing work methods to reduce personal fatigue and work delay

Dr. Laurel Graham

  • Assistant Professor, University of South Florida
  • Interest: All, but especially Lillian's work in years 1924-35: extension of management principles into home, child care, department stores and consumer culture. Has written article and book.

Regina A. Greenwood

  • Lecturer, GMI Engineering and Management Institute
  • Interest: General interest in the Gilbreths from current research and related to job--writing article/book.

Haley Grider

Mary Ann Buschka Hainthaler

  • Ph.D. candidate, University of Delaware
  • Interested in Lillian and Homemaking. Writing dissertation.

Dr. Jane Lancaster

Carl Lindenmeyer

  • C-Four, Pendleton, SC
  • Interest: motion & time study, methods improvement

Richard Lindstrom

  • Graduate Student, Purdue University
  • Interest: Photographs/Labor Relations. From current research, working on thesis

Jose Dias Lopes

  • Ph.D. candidate, Instituto Superior de Gestao Bancaria, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Interest: Gilbreth management philosophy

Yisrael Mayer

  • Interest: Work with the disabled, Life of Frank and Lillian, Time and Motion Studies. For personal interest.

Mary B. McCleary

  • Director, Community Education, Lexington College
  • Interest: Lillian's work on Home Management for personal interest, article and related to work.

Holger Mertens

Dr. Gerald Nadler

  • IBM Chair Emeritus in Eng. Management, University of Southern California
  • Interest: Management philosophy, work study and life of Lillian Gilbreth. Personal interest and past research.

Jessie Nalpathanchil

  • American Education Services
  • Interest in the Gilbreths: promoting personal growth--applicable to work adn daily activities. Writing an article.

John L. Naman

  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Interest: Life of Frank and Lillian. Writing article/book

Michael L. Parish

  • Director of Performance Engineering, Providence Services, Seattle, WA
  • Interest: all phases, especially healthcare related work. Interest from personal interest, related to job, conducting current research.

Susan Scachitti

  • Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering Technology
  • Interest: Management philosophy, motion study, fatigue study.

John T. Schulz

  • Lean Implementation Facilitator--Homaco, Inc.
  • Interested in using therbligs and motion study to help improve his own company's operations.

Dr. Roger O. Smith

  • Faculty in rehabilitation/health sciences, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Interested in: Historical development of IE and Gilbreth contributions related to people with disabilities.

Nathaniel L. Spunt

Randall J. Steger

  • Principal, Systems Technology Group, Ltd.
  • Interest: Life of Lillian Gilbreth and Frank Gilbreth. Writing article/book.

James S. Perkins

  • Perkins Associates
  • Interest: All aspects

Brij B. Singh

  • President, Business Solutions Consulting, Hixson, TN.
  • Interest: Work simplification consulting. Writing an article.

W. J. Thomas, Jr.

  • Consulting Engineer, Star Industrial Engineering Services
  • Interest: Work measurement and methods improvement

Prof. Sandor Vajna

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Computer Applications in Mechanical Engineering, Magdeburg University, Germany
  • Interest: Knowledge acquisition, application and distribution (e.g. in Field System). Related to job.

Sandeep H. Wankhade

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, SSGM College of Engineering, India
  • Interest: Motion study

Dr. Daniel A. Wren

  • David Ross Boyd Professor of Management
  • Price College of Business, Unversity of Oklahoma
  • Interest: General, management

Lisa Zaken

Organizations and Contacts


  • Three Park Avenue
  • New York, NY 10016
  • (212) 591-7722

Institute of Industrial Engineers

  • Lisa Zaken
  • Engineering and Management Press
  • IIE
  • 25 Technology Park/Atlanta
  • Norcross, GA 30092-2988

Purdue University

  • Rebecca Fry (IE Department Contact)
  • 1287 Grisom Hall
  • Purdue University
  • West Lafayette, IN 47907
  • Tel. (765) 494-0827
  • FAX (765) 494-1299
  • E-Mail:

Purdue University Library

  • Ms. Katherine M. Markee
  • Special Collections
  • Purdue University Libraries
  • West Lafayette, IN 47907
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