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Contacting the Gilbreth Network
Gilbreth FAQ (Frequently-Asked Questions)

Thank you for your interest in the Gilbreths. We welcome your comments about our site in our guestbook and we invite you to begin or join a discussion about the Gilbreths in our bulletin board.

You may contact The Gilbreth Network by email, but before you do, please see if your question can be answered here. We receive some of the same questions frequently, including:

Q: May I have permission to reprint a photo of the Gilbreths from the Gilbreth Network or Cheaper & Belles web site?
A: The Gilbreth Network does not hold the copyright to any of the photos on our site. Most of them are reprinted from Lillian Gilbreth's autobiography, "As I Remember" or Dr. Laurel Graham's book "Managing on Her Own." Purdue University Library's special collections holds many of the Gilbreth photos in their Gilbreth collection. You can contact them at:

Ms. Katherine M. Markee
Special Collections
Purdue University Libraries
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Q: May I have permission to reprint text from the Gilbreth Network web site?
A: Almost everything on our web site is copyright David Ferguson. Please contact him for permission to reprint Gilbreth Network material. Email him at Be sure to include the URL of the page and a description of the item you would like to reprint. If you are in doubt about who wrote a piece, please contact David to ask.

Q: I would like to know more about therbligs.
A: We have an exclusive Network article about therbligs. Click here to read it.

Q: I have read the books and/or seen the movies Cheaper by the Dozen and Belles on their Toes. Are the Gilbreths a real family?
A: Yes. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbreth were efficiency experts and they had a family of 12 children.

Q: Are any of the Gilbreths still living?
Q: What happened to the Gilbreth children after "Belles"?

A: The answers to these questions can best be answered in the article "That Famous Dozen" by David Ferguson. Click here to go to that article.

Q: What are the Gilbreth children's spouses' and children's names?
A: Find the Gilbreth family tree on this page at the "Cheaper & Belles" site.

Q: Can I contact the Gilbreths?
A: We cannot put you in contact with the Gilbreths. However, you can try leaving a message for them on our bulletin board or writing to Ernestine Carey care/of

Harper and Row, Publishers, Inc.
10 E. 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022

Q: I am looking for a VHS copy of "Cheaper by the Dozen" or "Belles on their Toes."
A: Go to to see if a store in your area rents these movies. You can also try our page of suggestions.

Q: I am looking for a copy of one of the other Gilbreth books, such as "The Home-Maker and Her Job," or "Innside Nantucket." Where can I find them?
A: If the title is not in print, you might have luck by searching eBay. If it isn't up for sale now, it might come around in a few weeks. Or, you can try one the many on-line used book sellers, such as The Gilbreth Network does not endorse, and is not affiliated with, any used book sellers. We wish you luck in finding the book you're looking for.

Q: I am writing a book report about one of the Gilbreth books. Can you help me?
A: We welcome you to browse around the Gilbreth Network site and the Cheaper and Belles site for more information about the Gilbreths. However, we can't help you with your report. Your teacher and/or parent can better help answer the questions you have specific to your grade, assignment, etc.

Can't find your question here?
Then contact the webmaster at
or David Ferguson, coordinator of the Gilbreth Network, at .